HAK Update - Download Required!

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HAK Update - Download Required!

Postby Algernon's Ghost » Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:50 pm

I've updated the following HAK files to new versions:

Project Q (to version 2.0): q_!tilesets, q_tilesets

Zwerkules Medieval Rural (Mountains and more): medievalrural.hak

Zwerkules Update for BioWare's Mines and Caverns tileset: biomines.hak

Also our own vs_top.hak file.

You can download just the updated files here:
http://www.nwnthevast.net/hak/vast-hak- ... 2015-01.7z

Or go the our website for the full packages if you need them. Simply replace/overwrite your existing HAK files with the updated ones.
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