Cam Roberval

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Cam Roberval

Postby decrepit » Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:32 am

The parting of a loved one should be a memorable event. Yet being so young the memories of his mother are as much the feeling of her warm embrace, to the sound of her calming voice.Her face is but an outline in his mind,and his fathers descriptive passion he had for his wife, were always impressed unto the lad;but her departure was not.
The early days that Cam remembers most are travelling with his father.He being a roving merchant with but a small covered wagon,that doubled as a home.The roads in and around many of the Dalelands were travelled well, along with his fathers random decisions to head in whatever direction he saw to take them,every path lending to new rules and laws;like a tax to be in a safer/larger caravan, or often a lone stop in a rough spot.Whatever it took to get by.
As the years went on, trading and meeting different peoples about the lands.The young master now took to making most of the trades with only his fathers approval.It is during this time Cam found his passion to explore,barter,and meet new and old friends once again.Most important being his worship of Tymora,and why he felt a need to move towards something else.
With his father growing older, a descision was made; and with a favor his elder would settle in amongst friends to care for him in Ravens Bluff.A promise was made to try and send word of his own travels back, and Cam keeps a small journal; with an ear for anyone headed back towards the south.
He wears his pendant to Lady Luck over all other attire letting it be known, and will tell any who ask of his faith in her.Dalelander is the other idea he has of himself, and now he finds a home along the roads around Dragon Dale.

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