The Knockings of an Adept

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The Knockings of an Adept

Postby decrepit » Wed Jul 20, 2016 1:50 am

Looking back up and down the fairway once more before closing the door of the Temple,he then moves swiftly towards the mistress with a smile."Allo Lady Kalishanna,let me just say this place shines upon us all with her hospitality - I reckon steady goes the pace of rebuilding Vesper square.*nods with a faint shrug* After some days wandering the roads around the Dale,*frowns* into the west glades and the caves be lurking all sorts *waves his hands as if measuring something* I suppose ya already knew this, but a few others have expressed interest in scouting some spots and further beyond, but only when a good sized group." *tosses a coin into the fountain* "Hope to have good word for ya in the comin' days." *picks a corner in the temple laying his belongings down,then pulls over a robe making his way to the larger pool where he begins meditating*
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