The Temple of the Triad

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The Temple of the Triad

Postby archimedes 13 » Mon May 12, 2008 12:31 am

The Temple

The Temple Triad is a cooperative between the DMs and the players. It is located in the Vesper Landing, one map north of Central Vesper. It's open to players of paladins, clerics, and monks of one of the Triad deities - Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater. The Triad is looking for those who are committed to roleplaying, learning, and being an active part of the community.

The Gods

Tyr - God of justice, dedicated to upholding the law and punishing the guilty. Considered the leader of the Triad.

Torm - God of duty and service. Known as the True, or the Loyal Fury. Tyr's war-leader.

Ilmater - God of aid to those who suffer and are in need. Known as the Crying God, or the Broken God.

Current Members

Jach Kley, Zato, Matyas DeLac, and Kenneth Proudmane. Seek out one of these characters in game to learn more about the Temple.

Why Become a Member?

The Temple offers a network for the paladins, clerics, and monks of the Triad to speak with one another, train, and more fully devote themselves to their gods. It supports the notion that unity creates greater strength. More importantly, many characters along this course would be searching out ways to further dedicate themselves to their god, and committing a lifetime of service to the church is a path that they would seek.

Becoming a Member

The Temple is a highly respected institution, often looked toward in matters of the divine and the defense of the towns. As such, membership should not be lightly requested, not shall it be lightly given. To be accepted, the character must be at least level three.

Current members will observe possible entrants, to see if they exemplify the traits of the their god and the Triad. When the time is right, and the character has proven himself or herself, they will be approached to apply for the Temple. Note, the character asking first about membership is not frowned upon, if anything it shows the character's growing interest in the Temple.

The first stage of acceptance begins with the character being offered a position as an acolyte of the Temple. This stage lasts for an indefinite period of time, during which the acolyte travels and roleplays with the members of the Temple. It is possible the acolyte will be assigned as a ward of a specific member, but that is not necessarily required.

Once all current members and DMs agree to accept the acolyte, he or she will be offered membership to the Temple, privy to all of the privileges and responsibilities of the position.

Maintaining Membership

As the Temple is a lawful organization, all members are required to uphold and abide by the laws of the local communities. Moreover, the member characters must continue to support the Triad in its endeavors. Negligence to their duty, to their god, or to the good people of the realm could lead to being cast out.

There are no monetary fees required upon entry. Tithing to the church is something the character would be doing well before even being considered for membership.


Playing a character so devoted to their god can be difficult, but ultimately rewarding, to roleplay. It is certainly not something that we expect everyone to know how to do right away. Current members are still learning and growing, because it is a continual process. That being said, there are many good resources available, and all members are more than willing to help point in the right direction, or answer questions through PMs, Tells, or roleplayed IG queries.
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Re: The Temple of the Triad

Postby Algernon's Ghost » Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:32 pm

The Temple of the Triad was completely disintegrated in an attack by the high priest leader of the bandits of Mhyrrwood.

Corynn Addams, his armor smeared with the gore and rot of the undead, stands at the base of the rise to the Temple surrounded by the guards and a number of townsfolk of River Vesper Landing; all of them are gravely silent as the young warrior speaks. As a follower of Torm, he had been training at the Temple of the Triad for several years to follow in his family's tradition - as was expected of the first born son. That is how it had been for the last two hundred years.

Corynn's voice shakes as he speaks, and tears stain the faces of the townsfolk. Even several of the guards have been overcome by their emotions.

"I was just returning from a trip to Dragon Dale... entering the courtyard when it happened. The portal opened right at the base of the ramp up to the temple. The skeletons...", he pauses as he looks down at his shaking hand, "...the zombies, they, they just started pouring through. One of the temple guards was standing there and they took him down in seconds."

He shakes his head, silent for a moment as he collects his memory of the events.

"When the priests arrived, the undead quickly fell to the power of the gods of the Triad, but they just kept coming, dozens of skeletons and rotting corpses, many of them were dead goblins. Swarming out of the portal. It wasn't long before the priests were fighting with hammer and mace."

Corynn swallows hard as he musters his resolve as he leans on his great sword planted in the ground. He is favoring his right leg.

"That is when the true attack began."

He bites his lip and looks down at the ground for a moment. Everyone gathered around remains deathly silent.

"They came out of the portal swinging heavy axes, great swords, bastard swords... Scraps of armor still hung from their bones, and magical wards glowed around their bodies. They pushed us back quickly.. relentless. Vastian fell right off... a great sword through the gut. Then Daelrin... surrounded by five of the warrior skeletons. They were all so close to the portal."

The young man wipes his face as he shakes his head.

"A man came through the portal then. Warded too in powerful magic. He wore heavy armor with the symbol of Mask on the chest plate. He had a box, held it by a handle on each side... just a wooden box."

He holds his hand about a foot and a half apart as he describes the box.

"Jherraine pushed hard against the skeletons when he saw that man, he was desperate to get to him, took the head off of one of them with his great sword as he came through. By then the man had already set the box down and opened it."

The young Addams man, first born of the current, reclusive Lord of Dragon Dale, swallows hard, his eyes distant as he continues.

"There was a large black crystal inside... and a little silver hammer. The man tapped the crystal with the hammer and the whole courtyard started to shake. Jherraine blasted apart another skeletal warrior with his sword when a ray of red energy flew out from the man's... that evil priest's hand, and struck Jherraine in the chest."

He shifts his stance, still favoring his leg.

"By the time Jherraine reached the box, that horrible priest had already stepped back through the portal, and then it closed. That's when it happened."

Corynn holds out his hands as if wrapped around a large object, and they begin to shake as he speaks.

"The courtyard was still shaking... vibrating I guess. Blackness started to expand out from that crystal, sort of swirling around it. It just ate up the box, then crumbled the flag stones as it touched them. So fast. The black just grew, swirling and growing. Jherraine yelled out to flee as the black ripped him apart."

He bites his lip again, and his voice shakes as he finishes the tale.

"I saw Sillis of Imater trapped up above, on the far side of the courtyard, by the blackness as it grew. It came so fast after that. I don't even remember running there, but I was at the gate when I looked back, and it had covered the whole temple complex."

He lowers his head and shakes as he holds it in his hands.

"It's all gone now, just gone."
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